Exercise and pregnancy

Exercise programmes suitable for those currently pregnant and those who have given birth from six weeks up to a year ago.

What’s on offer?

One to one training or group sessions for those expecting, wanting to meet new people and maintain their health and fitness in the run up to the birth as well as for new mothers and their babies.

It can be a difficult time for mothers and the exercises are specifically designed for you with safe and effective exercises without the added concern of childcare.

Classes take place out doors and consist of a combination of resistance and cardiovascular exercises specifically chosen for this group. For new mothers, babies can be included in the exercises themselves or left to sleep or play in buggies. The relaxed environment allows you to participate in exercise or take time out to attend to your child.

Location, timings and cost

Group classes are not currently running due to other commitments. However, I am still available for one-to-one sessions or general advice regarding exercise pre- and post-natal.

Why exercise during pregnancy and after giving birth?

There are many benefits to exercising before and after giving birth; here are just a few reasons to get involved:

  • Be sociable
  • Weight management
  • Develop and maintain good posture
  • Control blood pressure
  • For those expecting, maintain strength, stamina and flexibility in preparation for labour
  • For those expecting, reduce the risk of diabetes
  • For new mothers, aid your recovery

Initial step?

Before starting any exercise programme you should consult your doctor or midwife (for new mothers, that’s for your ‘six week check’) and complete a PAR-Q health questionnaire (see below) which must be given to the instructor before commencing the exercise. If you are new to the classes please arrive 10 minutes beforehand to discuss the form or contact me for more information.

What do you need to bring?

  • your bump or baby!
  • a bottle of water
  • wear suitable trainers and a good sports bra
  • warm clothes for baby and rain cover for buggy
  • a sling for baby if you want to get them involved in the exercises
  • completed health questionnaire to your first session

PAR-Q health questionnaires